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What is a wound?

A wound can be any break in the integrity of the skin or membranes. Wounds that involve only the surface layers usually heal quickly and without medical intervention. Wounds that involve many layers of tissue heal more slowly and may need assistance.

Who do wounds typically affect?

Wounds can happen to anyone at any time. However, people with diabetes, and/or poor circulation, have more difficulty healing because the blood supply is often compromised. These people are more likely to have infected wounds as well.

What are the common symptoms of a non-healing wound?

A wound that does not heal within 4-6 weeks is considered non-healing. A wound with purulent drainage is infected and not healing.

What are the traditional treatments for wounds?

Traditional treatments for closing a wound include suturing and or bandaging. Antibiotics may be given to stop infection.

Why are Non-Healing wounds amendable to oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen can help improve blood and oxygen supply to the affected area. This provides the oxygen and nutrients necessary for healing. Additionally, some bacteria do not live in an oxygen rich environment. By flooding the tissues with oxygen, these bacteria are unable to continue living and causing infection. New granulating tissue can begin to form in the wound bed.

What benefits can I expect from oxygen therapy for wounds?

Hyperbaric Oxygen helps wounds heal more quickly. How quickly depends on several factors; overall health, depth and size of the wound, and whether or not the wound is infected. As the wound heals it becomes pinker in color, less painful and smaller in size.

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