Established medical practice offers proven recovery therapy to patients from other practices who want to improve their healing process. HBOT therapy improves results for patients whose cosmetic surgery was performed elsewhere

San Clemente, CA, December 17, 2015 –(– Facial Aesthetic Concepts (FAC), one of Orange County’s most respected cosmetic enhancement practices, has announced a new program designed to improve the outcome of facial surgeries, regardless of where they were performed.

The treatment is called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), a treatment that has been recognized over the last 30 years to speed the healing of traumatic soft tissue and bony injuries as well as prevent further destruction of tissue from a variety of causes including infection, radiation therapy, and poor circulation. Until recently, it has not been used to speed healing from the uncomplicated plastic surgical procedure.Over three years ago, Facial Aesthetic Concepts installed its first HBOT chamber at its San Clemente surgical facility to promote healing from a variety of cosmetic surgical procedures. After performing nearly 1000 treatments, HBOT’s ability to improve the appearance of incisions, speed recovery by reducing bruising and swelling quickly, improve fat transplant viability, and improve the overall recovery from surgery and anesthesia has proven to be a significant benefit to patients.

HBOT works by increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to all tissues nearly 20 times greater than the body can deliver it by breathing room air alone.

By subjecting patients to pressures about equal to those experienced when snorkeling 12 to 18 feet deep while breathing 100% oxygen, much more oxygen gets delivered to tissues particularly to surgical tissues that always have less circulation. This allows for a more efficient metabolism of cells needed for healing and to fight infection, both speeding healing and reducing the risk of infection. Surgical scars are diminished and swelling reduces more quickly.

“HBOT is an added service we want to provide for all cosmetic plastic surgery patients in the region, not just our own,” says Dr. Richard Gangnes, FAC founder. “We know that access to HBOT is limited to but that should not prevent anyone who has had a facelift or other cosmetic facial surgery from benefitting from its proven results.” With the newer chambers the cost to patients has been reduced and HBOT is very affordable.

The HBOT recovery program is available at FAC’s San Clemente office and is open to patients who have had cosmetic surgery and want to increase their chances of improved aesthetic results in less time.

“We’ve seen HBOT’s results in our own facial cosmetic surgery patients. Their swelling is reduced, their scarring is minimized, and their recovery time is shortened,” says Dr. Gangnes. “This is an outstanding option for these patients, regardless of where the surgery was performed.”

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