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Given that the healthcare community is agreed that sports-related head injuries among young athletes is an epidemic, it looks like Texas wants to take the lead in counting how many there are. That’s a good thing to do. And figuring out how to make a helmet that somehow keeps the brain from slamming into the inside of the skull is an interesting engineering problem for which more data is probably needed.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of young players are actually suffering from concussions and the consequences of mild traumatic brain injury. Given that the issue here is “brain injury” it is amazing that the focus is not on healing the brain. All of the current concussion protocols are based on waiting for the brain to heal. But there are no reliable, clinical tests to tell us how that process is progressing; much less, when it is safe to risk another concussion.

There is strong research and clinical evidence that HBOT (hyperbaric Oxygen therapy) does speed brain healing. It reduces inflammatory processes that lead to tissue and metabolic damage, reduces swelling, dramatically reduces headaches, and drives neurological and vascular healing.

While all the attention seems to be on counting concussions and the physics involved, it is inexcusable to not offer them treatment that is known to speed healing.

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