This week, there is a brand new batch of certified hyperbaric oxygen chamber operators graduating from a unique program at a local college.

Metro Tech started their new program because of a new state law which helps treat veterans using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Vicki Walden, who runs metro tech’s new course, says as more clinics open, more certified chamber operators will be needed.

The best part? Students with no prior medical experience can graduate from this program in just a few weeks.

It’s helping them succeed and helping the men and women who’ve served our country too!

“The economic impact of this is amazing because you’ve got two fold you the veterans who are treated and getting well and going to work and the chamber operators who are going to work so the economic impact for the state is awesome,” says Walden.

Coming up tonight, we’ll explain how Metro Tech is leading the way when it comes to treating veterans with PTSD and combat injuries.

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