Ouch! A Bruised Knee, But Not a Bruised Brain

  The brain makes us who we are. It allows us participate fully in the lives we are given. By necessity, the brain is a delicate organ and must be protected inside a hard, right structure — the skull. Unfortunately, the more we expose the head, skull and brain to...

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Head Injury Association Highlights HBOT with Joe Namath

  Legendary NY Jets quarterback Joe Namath spoke about how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy had helped him in recovering from a career marked by repeated head injury. He spoke at the 2017 Brain Injury Awareness Celebrity Sports Forum, hosted by the Head Injury Association, a...

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Concussion? Rest is Not the Answer

At least not for more than a day or two, according to The International Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport recently published in the British Journal of Sport Medicine published on April 26. This is in agreement with many recent publications that have raised...

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HBOT Heals Wounds; On Your Face and In Your Brain

Meghan Linsey (of “The Voice”) has found out the hard way that HBOT is an extraordinary treatment for difficult to heal wounds. The bite of a venomous spider left her with a potentially disfiguring open wound on her face that showed necrotic (dead and dying) tissue...

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Research Questions Value of Measuring Impact to the Head

The focus of concussion research should be on healing the injured brain. Measuring the forces involved in impacts to the head or a helmet have “limited applications” in understanding or diagnosing concussions, according to a new report by the NeuroTrauma Research...

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Fibromyalgia and Brain Inflammation: A Role for HBOT

HBOT should be considered as a fundamental approach to managing the symptoms related to Fibromyalgia. New research reveals that inflammation in the brain (and throughout the body) is linked to Fibromyalgia. Neuroinflammation (as measured in cerebrospinal fluid) and...

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HBOT Support of Lyme Treatment

HBOT  (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) can play an important role in supporting treatment for the chronic, often debilitating, illnesses cause by the Lyme disease bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, or any combination of the other bacterial, parasitic or viral “co-infections”...

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