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There is an epidemic of sports-related head injuries among young people. And the current “Watchful Waiting” approach to treatment is wholly inadequate. HBOT is the only treatment that helps drive healing of damaged tissues in the brain and slows the destructive cascade of chemical changes in the brain that lead to lasting damage.
We applaud NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for promoting awareness of football-related concussions in young players, and the organization’s planned investment in brain research and safety.  But it is critical to emphasize that kids participating in ANY contact sport (including cheer leading) are at risk of concussions and the potential of lasting cognitive and behavioral difficulties.
Safer blocking and tackling skills, and millions spent in researching the detailed nature of brain damage WILL NOT PROTECT children and young adults (much less college and professional players) when their heads are hit or slam into each other or the ground, and their BRAINS slam against the inside of their skulls. Those are concussions. And they must be evaluated and treated immediately.  Waiting in the dark is not treatment.  HBOT is.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to reluctant football parents: We’re making the game safer

“I understand the skepticism of the NFL,” Goodell told Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview on TODAY Wednesday. “But let me just go to the American Academy of Pediatrics. They have looked at this issue of young kids coming into football, and they have said, ‘It’s about proper coaching, improve the techniques. Do the things necessary to limit contacts.’ Those are changes that we have been making.”

Goodell believes changes being implemented at the lowest levels of football are making the game safer.

“I went by a youth football practice the other day and was watching it,” he said. “I see how they’re teaching the game…. read more


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