VIRGINIA BEACH — Veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury may soon have relief from their symptoms.

Dr. Paul Harch, a leader in hyperbaric medicine, claims hyperbaric oxygen therapy may permanently curtail TBI and PTSD symptoms.

James Ciconne was an E4 in the Army and was diagnosed with PTSD after spending a year in Iraq.  He committed suicide a year ago.

“He did say to me, ‘Mom, I’ve done terrible things. I’ve done terrible things,’ and you can see the pain in his face,” Tanya Ciconne said.

His father, Bill Ciconne, remembers the last three texts he got from his son.  “I love you, thank you for raising me, and goodbye,” he texted.

Bill Ciconne supports Dr. Harch’s research.

“I will never accept my son not being here,” Ciconne said.

Harch is in charge of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy program at LSU Medical School in New Orleans and says his therapy could help prevent 22 suicides that happen every day in the military.

Harch says with his therapy, he’s seen brain traumas cured in veterans.

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