Spider bite
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Meghan Linsey, People Country, April 13, 2017

Meghan Linsey (of “The Voice”) has found out the hard way that HBOT is an extraordinary treatment for difficult to heal wounds. The bite of a venomous spider left her with a potentially disfiguring open wound on her face that showed necrotic (dead and dying) tissue surrounded by inflammation, bruising and swelling. The venom of the Brown Recluse spider that had bitten her destroys red blood cells, tissues and muscles. Meghan discovered online that HBOT is one of the standards of care for non-healing or difficult to heal wounds, and after only a few treatments her wound began to heal. 

HBOT acts to reduce inflammation, deliver oxygen to ischemic tissue (areas of poor blood flow), trigger growth of new blood vessels, improve nerve functions necessary for healing, and increase levels of growth hormone. Some of these effects are specific to the site of the wound, and others improve the entire body’s ability defend and heal itself.  Non-healing wounds that are not as easy to see as the one on Meghan’s face, or resulting from the tissue breakdown seen in diabetes, respond to HBOT in the same way.  HBOT is a standard of care worldwide in treating inflamed and compromised tissue conditions. 
Traumatic brain injury and stroke cause brain tissue damage very similar to the visible, open wounds commonly treated with HBOT. But this damage is not so easy to see as a hole in your face. Brain injury also leaves area of dead or dying tissues surrounded by ischemic areas. And these areas also respond to HBOT in the same way. HBOT restores function to tissues with poor blood flow, fights inflammation, reduces swelling, improves nerve function, and triggers stem cell development. 
HBOT, which is known to be safe and effective in treating wounds and tissue damage, should be considered a first line of care for the wounds that we cannot see; the wounds within the brain.

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