head injury
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Gen. James Bauerle (retired) is supporting legislation in Indiana to provide HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) care for veterans with a head injury. He points to the extraordinary recovery made by Indiana high school basketball star Josh Speidel following traumatic brain injuries suffered in a car wreck. Thanks in large measure to his HBOT care, Josh has gone on to college rather than to life in a rehab facility. There is overwhelming clinical evidence and research in support of establishing HBOT as a standard of care for head injury.  Because the FDA has yet to include TBI or concussion as indications approved for HBOT, the added tragedy for head-injured veterans and patients like Josh is that no funding is available for their care. The costs fall on the backs of families and funding of individuals’ care by veterans organizations. State-level programs are beginning to draw attention and support for this critical care for our brain injuried veterans.
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