Evidence of HBOT Effectiveness in PTSD/TBI
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There is overwhelming clinical evidence and research showing that HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) treats PTSD/TBI (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / Traumatic Brain Injury). There is no excuse for delaying treatment for treating the more than 500 thousand veterans whose lives are being ruined by PTSD and TBI; even while research into the healing mechanisms of HBOT proceed. This new study confirms that HBOT shows considerable effectiveness in treating TBI-related PTSD in animal studies. And it argues for more animal studies to determine HBOT’s role in reducing inflammation and stimulating growth of new nerve cells. It also suggests that demonstrating benefits in humans is a problem of study design, not HBOT.  This has always been an issue with human HBOT studies. Problem 1 is how to define PTSD/TBI. Problem 2 is finding control group subjects who exactly match the definitions and the treatment groups. Problem 3 is how do we pretend to “treat” the controls by exposing them to hyperbaric pressure WITHOUT actually treating them? Pressurizing normal room air is a treatment that increases oxygen levels in the body. Let’s get on with treating NOW!

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