U.S. Soccer Ups the Anti-Concussion Game with Excellent Video Campaign
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Although no progress is being made in TREATING concussions, at least some major efforts are being taken to raise public awareness of the critical importance of recognizing the signs of a concussion, and NEVER returning to play until all symptoms are gone and a qualified medical professional says so.

In the year 2000 the Institute of Medicine published a report concluding that cognitive decline in young soccer players due to heading the ball was an epidemic. Sixteen years later, people are starting to pay attention. Now how about treating the brain injury? HBOT stops the cascade of inflammation, swelling and cellular damage caused by a blow to the head. It should be employed immediately following a concussion, and can be of great benefit even months later. Based on current research, the Israeli Defense Ministry has determined that HBOT is the treatment of choice for all head injuries.

Perhaps as parents, coaches and organizations finally come to the realization that concussions are a major threat to the health of young players, there will be an outcry for actually treating the injuries! Waiting for things to get better is NOT treatment.

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