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Congratulations to the VA, DVBIC, the Brain Injury Association and the myriad organizations and news outlets who are celebrating Brain Injury Awareness Month. Nothing could be more important than continuing to raise awareness of the prevention of head injury and the signs/symptoms of brain damage.

Well, one thing could be more important: Treating the Brain Injury. Although there is a mix of recommendations and protocols around the country and world-wide, all are based on the belief that time and retraining the brain is all that can be done. This is not true. There is overwhelming clinical experience and research data that show HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) can have a profound effect on healing the brain. Take the extreme examples of the three dozen Special Operators who were slated to be discharged from the service on medical disabilities who, after turning to civilian HBOT providers, returned to active duty and new deployments.

HBOT must be part of the care consideration for every person who suffers a head injury, whether on the battlefield, football field or playground.

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