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The clinicians who founded and operate the Bethesda Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center have high level qualifications in Translational Medicine – the science and art of advancing new technologies in medicine.  The brain trust available to this center are leading researchers and clinicians seeking the optimum role for HBOT in a patient’s care.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the use of intermittent, high-dose, oxygen as a drug. By giving pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, HBOT delivers a massive influx of oxygen — even to areas of poor blood flow — and results in remarkable benefits that cannot be achieved with any other therapy.  However, just as with any other therapy, HBOT must be used as part of a Care Pathway (TM).  The proper role and timing of HBOT for any person or condition is best determined after a comprehensive medical assessment.

During modern HBOT, the patient breathes pure, 100% oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure. The air we normally breathe contains only 19-21% of this essential element; via HBOT, the concentration of pure oxygen dissolved into the bloodstream is dramatically increased (up to 2,000%), with virtually no energy expenditure. In addition to the blood, all body fluids – including the vital lymph and cerebrospinal fluids – are infused with the healing benefits of this molecular oxygen. This oxygen can then: (a) reach bone and tissue which are inaccessible to red blood cells, (b) enhance white blood cell function, and (c) promote the formation of new capillary and peripheral blood vessels. As a result it causes preservation of damaged tissue, elimination of toxic substances, reduced effects of toxic substances, improved infection control, and faster healing of a wide range of conditions.

The use of HBOT is becoming increasingly common as a growing body of research and evidence shows it to be beneficial in a wide range of clinical conditions and Care Pathways (TM). We encourage you to read about some of these conditions on our website, or call to schedule a medical evaluation with one of our physicians.

This center is committed to the rigorous collection of clinical information to guide decision-making and to provide patients with up-to-date, complete information about what works – not only what is approved officially, but also about what more recent observations are in the clinical experience of our colleagues and our own office.  We recognize that new clinical observations and research must be validated further over time, using rigorous methods to collect observational clinical data to inform formal research protocols that are IRB-approved  — we have set up systems to do so in our own center.   We also believe that patients should be given all available evidence about treatment options, beginning with current clinical observations, the current experience of other patients in similar situations, and eventually as soon as it becomes available, the kind of evidence that is always desired but not usually achievable for many conditions, the randomized prospective controlled clinical trial.

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